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Silos, Bins, Domes & Stockpiles - MeasureRite addresses them all. 

Bulk Solids Inventory Management  Made Easy.

3D Level Scanner accurately measures bulk solids

The surface of the stored material is extremely irregular with numerous “hills and valleys”.

Accurately determining the actual amount of valuable product stored in a silo, bin, dome or warehouse has been virtually impossible … until now.

Before MeasureRite Inc. brought the AMAZING 3DLevelScanner to the USA there was no way to accurately measure bulk solids stored in bins, silos or domes.

MeasureRite Makes Bulk Solids Inventory Management Easy.

MeasureRite, Inc. is the US distributor for APM Automation Solutions specializing in this amazing non-contact 3D technology.

Level measurement is fine for liquids. The surface of liquids is flat, so a level measurement of any point on the surface is indicative of the surface level.




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Bulk solids, on the other hand, do not lay flat, filling and emptying cycles create "hills and valleys". Measurement of one point does not indicate the amount of material in the vessel.

The "amazing" 3DLevelScanner measures the volume.

"Volume" NOT "Level" is the correct measure of bulk solids contained in a silo, bin, dome warehouse or stockyard.

The MAGIC of 3D Technology enables true inventory management of bulk solid materials, including: aggregates, sand, gravel, rocks, cement, coal, coke, fly ash, fertilizers, chemicals, salt, granulate chemicals, flour, grain, soy beans, milk powder, sugar, cereals, rice, plastic pellets, plastic powder and many more.

The 3DLevelScanner measures volume, while all other available technologies measure level at a single point. As a result, the best volume accuracy that can be hoped for with them is 10 to 15%, while the 3DLevelScanner provides a typical volume accuracy of 1 – 2%.

Knowing the actual inventory enables more efficient plant operation than was not previously possible. This increased efficiency can save you money many different ways.

Using revolutionary technology, the  3DLevelScanner™  measures and maps the entire surface area of the material, even surface irregularities that typically occur in large silos or open bins.

Employing a low frequency pulse signal, it readily “penetrates” dust and moisture often encountered in industrial environments.

The 3DLevelScanner accurately measures the volume, level, and weight, enabling an unrivaled degree of process measurement and inventory control.

Installing a 3DLevelScanner is a no brainer.

Why use yesterday’s technology, when you can use tomorrow’s technology today?

3D Vision enables real-time assessment of inventories of bulk solids and powders stored in storage vessels of any type or size, providing managers with accurate and timely information on which to base critical decision - making.... more info>

MeasureRite offers a line of accessories to compliment these products, including; wireless transceivers, RS485 to USB or Ethernet converters as well as DC Switching Power Supplies.

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